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Bachelor Theses (winter term)

We provide opportunities for writing bachelor theses on various topics in Economic History and Long-run Development.

If you are interested in writing a bachelor thesis supervised by members of the Economic History team, please contact Carola Stapper, submitting your CV and your current transcript of records to stapper(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de.

We will accept applications for bachelor theses in the winter term 2021/22 until September 17, 2021.

We will communicate whether an application can be accomodated until September 22, 2021. A list of topics will be distributed via email after this date. Please note that we can only accomodate a limited number of thesis supervisions.

Succesful applicants studying under Economics PO2015 that are required to take a bachelor seminar preferrebaly have attended the bachelor seminar "Bachelorseminar Volkswirtschaftslehre: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten in empirischer Wirtschaftsforschung und Wirtschaftsgeschichte" offered by this chair. The seminar focuses on the empirical methods that are core to each thesis.

If you are interested in registering for a bachelor thesis supervised by the economic history team, please take into account the following information:

(1) Typically, we offer topics that are well suited for acquiring a profound understanding of state-of-the-art empirical research in economics. Examples of topics in previous terms are:

  • “Elites and Public goods provision”
  • “Drivers of female labor force participation”
  • “Religion and economic development”
  • “Consequences of migration for origin countries”
  • “Economic consequences of pandemics”

(2) Participation in the bachelor course 'Wirtschaftsgeschichte' is highly recommended.

In addition, basic knowledge in econometrics (courses: „Angewandte Ökonometrie“ or „Aufbaumodul Ökonometrie“) is strongly recommended.

(3) In the winter term 2021/22, you can write your thesis in English or German. Please see the “Prüfungsordnung” relevant to you for further administrative details.

Master Theses

The chair of economic history offers supervision of Master's theses. Supervision capacity is unfortunately limited and we are often not able to accomodate the great demand for supervision.

Master theses written at the chair of economic history are typically related to economic history or long-term development. They may sometimes be in the field of Development Economics. Methodologically, all theses are located in the field of applied microeconometrics.

Students are expected to work with data sets and test their hypotheses using econometric software. In doing so, they should deal with causal inference and identification strategies such as instrument variables, difference-in-difference estimates, RDD and/or panel data. We expect students to develop their own research questions and find the relevant data to test their hypothesis using ecometric software.

Prior to writing the thesis, we recommend participation in at least one of the following master courses:

  • Determinants of Growth in Economic History

  • Development Economics

You can write your thesis in German or English. Please see the “Prüfungsordnung” relevant to you for further administrative details.

If you are interested in writing your thesis with us, please contact Professor Dr. Erik Hornung, submitting your CV, academic transcripts as well as a concise statement of your major fields of studies (email with one pdf-attachment only, hornung(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de).